Rengtok Paladins By Amity East
Rengtok: The Paladins Awaken (by Amity East)


Week by week, Amity East releases gripping chapter after gripping chapter of the amazing sci-fi adventure novel Rengtok: The Paladins Awaken.

Journey with our heroes as they are summoned from earth and thrown into the role of guardians for a race and a planet they never even knew existed. Sometimes you have to forget what you thought you believed and put your faith in the unknown. Thrilling adventure at its best, Rengtok promises to keep you gripped, page after page.



Epic Journey by Amity EastEPIC JOUNEY: A quote based comic (by Amity East)

From Amity:

“I am trying something completely new, and posting a comic strip designed around quotes from the worlds greatest achievers! Follow our protagonists Epic and Kindred (his trusty AI companion) as they live out adventures bases around the quotes.
I’ll then post an in-depth description related to the quote, so you can take it’s message one board and integrate it into your life! If theres any quotes you think I should do, let me know!”

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